Sunday, April 23, 2017

Top five Easy Ways to make $100 per day online at just 16 years old with youtube, blogging and more!

1. Start a youtube channel with ads
You can use adsense to put ads onto your blog and you learn to use afffiliate marketing to make some serious cash, major youtubers make millions per year.

2. Start a blog
With blogging you can use the same techniques that you can use with Youtube, only this way you can also have exclusive content that users will need to pay for

3. Offer a service
You can find many freelance jobs online and they pay pretty well. All you need to do is seach on google for them

4. Become an Amazon Turk
You review products and give your opinion and it can pay decent. Just google Amazon turk

5. Instagram and other social media
Find a niche and gain followers, you can then sell products and sell shout outs. Shout outs can go for over $100 if you have enough followers, so easy money to be made in social media.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

5 sure fire ways to become a rockstar.

1. Practice. Doesn't have to be real but guitar hero on medium level. This will greatly increase your skills. 
2. Have money. If you arnt rich become rich. 
3. Have instruments if you don't have instruments no one will take you seriously
4. Gain rep. When taking to your mom Say yoyoyo what's crackalakin mama. This will ensure you will have swag thus gaining you rep. 
5. Get gigs. Show your grandma how good you are. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Top 5 Amazing facts about Jell-O

1. Jell-O took off in the 1900's due to clever marketing
2. They gave immigrants Jell-O molds
3. As Jell-O increased in popularity, so too did a desire for gelatin salads and so Jell-O began making savoryversions in celery, seasoned tomato, and mixed vegetable flavors.
4. Jell-O can be used as hair dye
5. The horses in the wizard of oz got their color from Jell-O

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