Is Lavar Ball really just Kobe who got fat after his retirement?

Lavar has a large personality much like Kobe and his large personality. It does seem like a stretch but, heres a photo comparison 

Do you think that Kobe just wants to stay around basketball and has adopted sons that he has trained to become the ball brothers? It is pretty ironic that basketballs newest stars have the last name Ball, did Kobe change their name?

Are spiderman and Batman really the same person?

This comes about due to multiple reasons, The first they look alike, they both have brown hair and have similar suits

They both lost their parents, which I know is just small a chance its the same but, heres the big evidence

Batman could have gotten his money from the sponsorship deals that he got from being Spiderman. The spidery powers could have been lost over time, causing him to train hard and become batman.

Does time really speed up as it passes? Is exponential time theory real?

Every second that passes is shorter than the last. You can feel it but, you refuse to believe it. One year around 50 years ago was pretty close to the length of a real year. Today when you feel a year has passed only around 180 real days have actually passed. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to prove as the perceived minutes decrease in real time the clocks match this exponential rate not showing the real time on clocks. The line on the graph shows the rate of perceived time, however, the rate of time does not really increase. As the years go by you likely feel this. Each year seems shorter than the last and that is due to exponential time.

I Guarentee the you can be a millionaire with only $1 per day SUPER EASY

To many people fail to realize how easy it is to become a millionaire.

My simple formula

Save $1 per day and put that money in an indexed fund of the S and P 500.
If you save $1 per day for just 55 years it will turn into over a million dollars, if you save even more than that you can get there much faster. The S &P averages about an 11% return per year. This mean that you can turn just over $20,000 into over one million dollars in 55 years.

Google Translate Somali and Ooga Booga wooga

Google translate has been having an issue with Somali and translating random things into random sentences.

Top five Easy Ways to make $100 per day online at just 16 years old with youtube, blogging and more!

1. Start a youtube channel with ads
You can use adsense to put ads onto your blog and you learn to use afffiliate marketing to make some serious cash, major youtubers make millions per year.

2. Start a blog
With blogging you can use the same techniques that you can use with Youtube, only this way you can also have exclusive content that users will need to pay for

3. Offer a service
You can find many freelance jobs online and they pay pretty well. All you need to do is seach on google for them

4. Become an Amazon Turk
You review products and give your opinion and it can pay decent. Just google Amazon turk

5. Instagram and other social media
Find a niche and gain followers, you can then sell products and sell shout outs. Shout outs can go for over $100 if you have enough followers, so easy money to be made in social media.